So, why?

Economics and mathematics are full of rich, interesting, and highly significant ideas. It is thus tragic that many of these ideas remain confined to highbrow journals and dull textbooks. They must see the light of day, be taken out in the open and revealed for the world to revel in. This blog is an attempt to do just that.

If you’re a lazy reader (like yours truly), you may stop here and move on to the ideas that await you. Otherwise, read on.

The Big Bang Theory popularised many ideas of Physics.

Thanks in part to television shows like The Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad, and countless other beautiful YouTube channels, profound ideas of the natural sciences, especially Physics, have been simplified and popularised. That is why every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the internet knows something about general relativity, quantum mechanics and nuclear fission. And that is a good thing.

Yet few are aware of the equally profound voting paradoxes or Rawlsian justice framework, or the more humdrum (but no less interesting or significant) ideas of natural monopolies, minimum wage, and public goods. All right, I lied earlier. Many are aware of these ideas. But few understand them.

And that’s really, really dangerous.

Many of these ideas affect us every day. We read them as news headlines (and for the less old-fashioned among us, as Instagram captions). Yet we have no clue how to interpret them.

Some ideas are less useful, but so incredibly beautiful that not knowing them is missing out on the true Eighth Wonder of the World: human ingenuity and creativity.

And hence this blog. In short, bite-sized articles I will try to simplify and present some of these dazzling ideas. Come along for the ride.

Published by Ishaan Sengupta

A student of Economics obsessed with common sense.

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